Today was so refreshing! For an office worker nothing appealed to me more than the chance to get out in the fresh air and do a bit of manual labour in the name of charity! It was so different to my normal job of typing, answering calls and dealing with problems! Today I got to relax my mind, Get some much needed fresh air as well as doing some good for a local hospice in need! It doesn’t seem like much but it’s better than doing nothing and it made most of the patients a little bit more jolly when they saw the work we had done in the garden. I feel it did as much help to me as it did to the charity. From my experience, I feel like trying new things, taking opportunities where you can and doing good for others could lead you down so many amazing paths you didn’t even know you needed! I still didn’t erase my karma however as I lost my keys immediately after but that’s a story for another day …. As I write this I think back to one of my fav episodes of FRIENDS where “there is no selfless good deed” and I think it’s too as it made me feel so good today knowing I could brighten someone else’s day from what I did! 


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