I have very mixed feeling about rain, when I’m inside, the sound of rain hitting Windows calms me to no end with the way raindrops fall down them after the storm has let up. On the flip side it also nearly plunged me to my death! Heavy rain was coming down, I was in the car driving to work and the next thing I knew I was upside down in a field Still attached to my seat. No air bags went off, all the glass was shattered and when I finally got myself down from my seat and fell into the pile of glass and looked around I was surprisingly far from the road! I can’t remember much, just a series of flash backs of being smashed in slow motion and all from driving in rain! I came away from the acident surprisingly unharmed from the swerve, the 6ft drop and the 10m roll, but to me it was all a blur! I still love the rain, I just know not to trust it… Or to drive as fast.


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