Sun with strawberries

imageimageimageimageimageWhen the sun is out I feel bad staying inside! I love the winter and autum, getting snug under blankets, lighting amazing smelling candles and eating way too many carbs to add to my every growing winter layer, there are some day in summer that make me doubt my love for the autum. This was one of those days! It was the first time I saw ow beautiful the place I now live was and what I was missing around me, even though I’ve been here a year now. I truly feel lucky to live in this town! The strawberries are as good as they look after hand picking at the over farm market place! Defo recommend for a cheap date idea as it was so cute, even if my boyfriend was more interested in the eggs he was hatching on Pokemon as we went round! When the sun is out enjoy it as this is England there’s not a lot of it so enjoy it while we can and live your days to the fullest.



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